Antonio Tarver tested positive for synthetic testosterone, a banned substance


Former light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver tested positive for synthetic testosterone, a banned substance, in a drug test before his heavyweight draw with Steve Cunningham.

I have no idea how my urine sample tested positive because I didn’t take anything illegal,” Tarver said. “Either the test was contaminated or mixed up with another sample. We believe in the process, and I will fully comply. Further analysis will prove I’m 100 percent innocent because I’ve done nothing wrong.

Sports Illustrated, which was first to report Tarver’s positive test, said in its report that when Tarver’s “A” sample tested positive, he requested the “B” sample also be tested, and it too came back positive. A source with knowledge of the results confirmed to on Monday that Tarver’s “A” and “B” samples were both positive for synthetic testosterone.

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