My Style Is Pretty Minimal


As a flip-flop-wearing teenager in Hawaii, freelance writer Alexis Cheung would pore over fashion magazines, daydreaming about what she’d wear in a climate with four distinct seasons. Now, after living in New York for eight years, her style has evolved into something more urban, but it still has the laid-back feeling of her home state. Here, she shows us five fun outfits and reveals her bargain shopping tips…

My style is pretty minimal, and I’m always going through my closet and editing things down. I love the idea of owning just a few things that I wear all the time. My dad always had the same methodical morning routine and outfit. He wore oxford shirts, which was unusual in Hawaii. I always thought it was a little boring, but as I’ve gotten older, I think having a uniform is the ultimate expression of yourself. I’m most drawn to trousers and monochromatic outfits. I will say, though, if you wear all white, invest in some OxiClean. I just spilled coffee on these white pants! I think anyone can pull off all-white outfits, as long as they know how to clean them.

I try to never pay full price — I get lot of things at sample sales. I’ll usually find out about them on Racked or Instagram, and I go alone. I’ve heard horror stories about people clambering over each other for a pair of shoes at sample sales but in my experience everyone is always really friendly.

I guess solidarity comes easily when you’re basically naked and changing in front of other women! Before I buy something, even if it’s 90 percent off, I make sure I truly love it and I remind myself that it still costs money. I’ll make a mental inventory of everything I could pair it with. These shoes were from a sample sale. A strap was missing from one of them but the shop girls kindly let me switch it out for a different one. If you look closely, you’ll see the strap doesn’t quite match the shoe’s color

Thank you so much, Alexis! Your style is awesome.

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