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Effortlessly chic. Just two words that come to her mind immediately when asked about a personal style. This girl, who is in a loving relationship with fashion, knows what she wants and how she wants it: to look fashionably chic in just about everything that she likes. She truly developed her own style and is now a look-up to in street style. Meet Lena Wirth from Germany and her corner on the web: Skinnycature.
This is what we wrote a year and a half ago about this beauty. Ever since we met her we followed her blog that grew and became better with every styling. MY wanted to catch up to see what Lena is doing this summer.

What have you been up to in the last year and a half since we last spoke?
Everyone who follows me on Skinnycature or our channels knows how much wanderlust we have. This year we took our followers on exciting adventures and expanded our travel area. We also had a major blog re-design and you can find us on main social media including Youtube. We expanded our blog sections as well. The last year and a half was extremely rewarding while working with great brands and visiting amazing places and meeting interesting people. Visiting the main European Fashion Weeks was definitely a blast too. As the Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it you can do it”. And it is definitely true!

How are you enjoying summer?
I’ve been taking every opportunity to visit the city pool area, beach and even making my office wear more holiday-like.

What is your favourite way of spending holiday?
Happiness to me means sand between my toes, listening to the sound of waves and play in the water all day. Seaside also means breaking away from the daily routine and experimenting with more casual or romantic summer looks. However I think a good travel destination with a nice mix of beach & city for doing sights is essential for me.


What is your favourite summer wear and why?
I love fancy jumpsuits because they’re so easy to throw on as the perfect outfit. But I think that dresses are also essential in summer. Especially if traveling for projects requires much planning I save a lot of time by packing easy summer dresses that always look chic! In dresses you always look put-together especially with a little accessories upgrade which can be very flattering.

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